HealthKOS Patient Engagement Solution / Patient Management System

Care Coordinator is in daily contact with patient or as needed if alerted. Ability to monitor patient and intervene as appropriate. Able to manage care plan and ensure compliance.

Patient has the reassurance that they are not alone, reminders to take medicine, check important vitals and HealthScore. Call Button for an emergency, if needed.

Care Team is able to intervene early to avoid unnecessary ER and hospitalizations while providing better care and ensure adherence to care plans.

Family is kept informed to support wellbeing of patient

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HealthKOS Patient Engagement Life Cycle

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Daily Engagement Will Keep People Out Of The ER and Hospital

HealthKOS Bluetooth Devices Kit

It is a very simple formula

  1.   Providers and patients work together to improve health.
  2.   Patient’s greater engagement in his or her healthcare contributes to an outcome.
  3.   Engaging patients and their families in the decision-making process, tend to be led to healthier patients.
  4.   New technologies can and should support daily engagement to drive this change.

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