About HealthKOS™

There were always two questions Dr. Goel would ask himself as he worked with his patients:
Are They Taking Their Medicine? How Can I Get Real-Time Data To Intervene Early If Needed?


HealthKOS™ was created by Naveen Goel, MD, a practicing Interventional Nephrologist. Dr. Goel’s vision was to develop a patient-centric platform with a mobile component to empower patients while facilitating real time connectivity with their physicians.

Based on his experience as a physician and his knowledge providing care to a sick patient population with multiple chronic diseases, Dr. Goel has led the development of a practical, yet powerful health IT solution.

Dr. Goel partnered with his friend Sanjay Deo, a cybersecurity expert, to design a system to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of patients, reduce the overall rate of unneeded hospitalization and ultimately driving down the cost of healthcare – called HealthKOS™

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HealthKOS™ was developed to Connect doctors with their patients in near real time with an objective of attaining the highest standards of care with greater patient satisfaction

Specifics on Our Company

HealthKOS™  Platform Launched November 2017
Corporate Office: Tamarac, Florida
Globally Launched: US, Europe, Asia
Dedicated Cybersecurity Team
Dedicated US Call Center
Available In 44 Languages

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